Northern Whitetail Scents is proud of its' 'Tim Ashley' line of piebald whitetailed deer.  What is a piebald?  A piebald whitetail has fur patches of two colors like a 'paint horse'.  They are rare.  Just because you breed a piebald to a piebald doesn't guarantee you'll have piebald fawns.

Both Zorro and Mimi have heritage from the Ashley Farm in Wisconsin but are unrelated to each other.  Their markings are as unique as their personalities.

Zorro was born a twin to a brown doe.  His name was derived from the mask-like markings on his face.  He was not bottle-raised and was very cautious of humans.  He was used for breeding.  Click Here to see more of Zorro.

Mimi is our bottle-raised piebald doe.  She has the markings of her Father while her Mother was brown.  Her Grandfather on her Father's side was a 200+ B&C buck.  Her name was derived from her multi-blue eyes.  She too was a twin but to a brown buck which was named Drew.

Daisy is Zorro and Mimi's doe.  She is marked almost identical to her Father down to the mask with two different colored eyes (one green, one blue) with white eyelashes on her right and brown eyelashes on her left!  She too has Zorro's mane on her neck. 

We have been blessed with many piebald fawns.  Almost all of which have been sold.  To see more of our piebald fawns, Click Here.




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